Prenatal Appointment Schedule

Prenatal appointments ensure both you and the fetus are healthy as your pregnancy progresses. Routine visits become more frequent as you progress through each trimester. You can expect to see your obstetrician or one of our highly trained Nurse Practitioners at each prenatal appointment.

A routine pregnancy will usually consist of 13 office visits to see a provider.  The example schedule of prenatal appointments is:

  • Weeks 8-28: once per month
  • Weeks 29-36: every two weeks
  • Weeks 36-40: every week

We’ll answer any questions and address any symptoms or concerns you may have during each visit. We’ll also check your weight and take a urine sample at each visit. Some appointments may include a blood draw, glucose testing and ultrasounds. If you’re considered a high-risk pregnancy, your OB will coordinate with a perinatologist to provide extra screening and care measures as necessary.