Delivering your baby will be one of the most special moments of your life.  The OB/GYNs at Meadows Women’s Center understand the importance of making sure you are comfortable and confident during your delivery.  Each of our providers is highly trained in the treatments we offer, meaning each physician you come in contact with is an expert in what they do.

There are three types of ways you can deliver a baby:

  1. Vaginal Birth: Also known as “natural” childbirth, this is where the baby is delivered through the vagina. You can take pain medication or have an epidural for pain management, or choose to be completely unmedicated. Births without medical intervention are called “natural births.”
  2. Cesarean Birth: C-sections are a surgical procedure that involves delivering a baby through an incision in the lower stomach, exposing the uterus.
    1. Scheduled C-section – date and time scheduled in advance.
    2. Emergent C-section – when there are maternal or fetal safety issues
  3. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): If you have given birth via c-section before but have a subsequent vaginal birth, the delivery would be considered a VBAC.   Not all hospitals allow VBACs.